Your privacy is important, we respect that.

There is a lot of legal stuff we show in this page, but in summary it boils down to this:

  • We will not share your personal information with anyone.

  • We do collect some statistics, but we anonymize this carefully.

  • We comply with the Dutch Data Protection Act.

Yay for privacy! You don't even need to login, but we'd love it if you do!

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Privacy Policy

June 2017

What are we talking about

This policy applies for all services offered by Onn, both the Android and iOS apps, but also the website, database and backend usage.

Your personal data and meta data

Personal data is private, but what is personal data? We say it's personal data when it's some form of data that could identify you. For example and email address, or your name. Meta data is data that could be generated by you, but cannot be used to identify you, for example which pages have been opened. You do not need to login or give any personal information to make use of the core functionality Onn offers.


By downloading, or logging in into Onn, albeit on the website or mobile apps, you agree to this privacy policy. We will never ever share your personal data with other parties, not directly related to the basic working of the apps.

Age restrictions

Depending on where you are in the world you may need to have consent of your parents or legal guardians. Your parents or legal guardians need to agree with this policy.

What data do we obtain

On first install, before logging in, you can already use many features Onn has to offer. Features that need identification, such as voting or social features will not work. For this you will need to login. Before logging in we collect meta data, such as who's looking at what page, or whats is added the personalized schedule, and which locale is used. If you login, we collect your profile picture, email address, age, sex and friendlist. Also, if you allow us, we collect your location data at, withing the boundaries of the event geolocation.

What do we do with your data

We use the language information to serve you the correct language for each event, and we use my schedule information to create your personalized schedule. We track the things that you see on the screen to identify which portions of the app are the most important. We also aggregate this information over many many users, and share the aggregation result with our partners. We can enrich this aggregation data with locale, sex, age, location and social influence level, but all anonymized. Your email will not be shared, but we need it to create a unique account for you, and to email you when we see fit.


Privacy statement


Anonymized data

We can share anonymized (non-personal) data with our partners. This could include, but not limited to, event organizers and their sponsors.

Third parties

To make this app do what it does best, we build upon the shoulders of other parties. For example our database is hosted by Google. However these parties are not allowed to use this data for any other purpose than to offer the service we take from them.

Data storage

To store any data we rely on Firebase. Firebase is a service provided by Google, and we rely on the many features Firebase offers. For example data integrity, security and availability. Google does not process this data, so privacy is fine. However we cannot determine the location of your data for Firebase features. Google may process and store Customer Data anywhere Google or its agents maintain facilities.


We handle your data with care, since data is one of the most valuable things on the internet. We keep your personal data, and our meta data safe by relying on the security Firebase offers. We store only what we really need, and just a few select trusted people have access to this data.

Data longevity

We keep your personal data as long as you keep your account, or until we terminate this service. Once you decide to delete your account, we will remove all personal data within the next 30 days. Meta data is ours to keep.

Other sites

Any ads you might see in the app, we cannot fully control the content of these ads. Also, you might see any advertisement affiliated to us elsewhere on the internet. We also cannot control the content of those webpages.

Changes to this notice

We might need to change our policy from time to time, if there is a substantial change, we will inform you, and if necessary ask you to agree with it.

Personal and responsibility

For our app to work, we need to make use of your device. We cannot be held responsible for any damages or costs on your end. For example, we use your internet connection, and battery to power our app. We try to limit usages of these resources, but in the end it's your responsibility to make sure no limits are crossed.

Content contents

The content we serve usually is not ours. This data comes from other parties. If you feel that this data is inappropriate, or if this data is yours and you are of opinion that we are illegally using it; Please contact us, our goal is to make complex information accessible in a easy way, not to steal intellectual property or offend people. We always reach out to the provider when we are taking in new data.

Content delivery

Event organizers can update and add new information, but when doing so they have responsibilities as well. Data delivery must not intentionally break the functionality of Onn. Data may not be purposely corrupted, misleading or clearly offending. Alo when supplying Onn with new data (or altering existing data), the supplier must ensure that he/she has the right to do so. Once an event data set has been altered by the organiser, he/she grants un the undisputed right to show this data in our applications.

Contact info

If you ever have any questions, about personal information, or misuse of your personal information, or corrections of your personal information. Or any question at all, please email use at


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